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HeartShine "Inner-Beauty"

Pageants and Leadership

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Upcoming Live Pageant Events:

Check back soon for more information about Little Miss CA!

Check back soon for more information about Miss California!

A new kind of pageant.

HeartShine is an all-ages, progressive, national pageant system founded in 2012 by Ciara "Miss HeartShine" Barnes and her mom, DannaMomma. Celebrate "inner-beauty" with this innovative program that empowers, inspires, and changes lives!

Not only do we award incredible prizes and opportunities, but HeartShine is also a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards and scholarships are available for State and National queens/titleholders.

We invite you to join us at an upcoming pageant near you or an appointed (virtual) program. We'll help you grow your confidence and leadership skills through positive experiences, community service events, personal development workshops, modeling & performing opportunities, and so much more. 

Fun, welcoming, and unforgettable - that's just HeartShine!

From our humble beginnings as a senior high school project to our international recognition as an enriching leadership and service organization, HeartShine has always been one-of-a-kind. 

Founders Ciara her mom Danna, as well as many active HeartShine titleholders and their families, lost their homes and hometown in the 2018 Camp Fire disaster. We always committed to rebuilding and rising after the 2018 Camp Fire. We are survivors!

To hear more about HeartShine's Story, we invite you to read the full Vogue article (link below). HeartShine is featured halfway through the Rebecca Bengal piece on the tragedy, the resilience of the people of Paradise, CA, and HeartShine's founder, Ciara.


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