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HeartShine "Inner-Beauty"

Pageants and Leadership

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Photo Gallery

Visiting Royalty Events Visiting Royalty Events Pretty in Pink! HeartShine titleholders take the stage at a Northern California county pageant. 197188674 Public Speaking! HeartShine titleholders have the opportunity to speak in front of the crowd at the pageants they are invited to attend as visiting royalty. 197188675 Sister Queens! HeartShine titleholders get to become great friends during their year "reign," watching local pageants as visiting royalty. 197188676 VIPs! Front row seating at a local live pageant. 197188677 Shine on! It's always great to dress up in a crown and sash (and a beautiful gown) to go enjoy a live pageant with your sister queens! 197188679 Smile, you're up next! HeartShine titleholders enjoy supporting other pageants in the area as visiting royalty. 197188680 The County Fair Pageants! You can learn a lot from watching other girls perform and speak live on stage - if you want to improve for a HeartShine pageant, titleholders have the privilege of being invited to other pageants in their area! 197188681 Time to shine! The HeartShine titleholders are invited to say their name, title, and system they are representing live on stage when the mic gets passed around! (speaking here, HeartShine founder Ciara Barnes) 197188683 Best Friends! Often, after the pageant is over, HeartShine titleholders and their families will enjoy walking the county fair grounds, eating corndogs, riding rides, and taking pictures! 197188682 Support all girls! HeartShine is NOT an "exclusive" system. We encourage our title holders to pursue their own individual journeys! 197188684 Spotlight! The glitz and glamour of being a royal guest! 197188685 Party with the Queens! Where ever we go, we always have fun! 197188890