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HeartShine "Inner-Beauty"

Pageants and Leadership

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Photo Gallery

We have fun! We have fun! Just Kickin' It! We're not afraid to be silly with our high heals! 197188998 Rocket! Sister queens always are ready for a county fair carnival ride! 197188999 Smile on! HeartShine titleholder enjoys a day with her HeartShine friends! 197189000 Just Horsin Around! HeartShine girl's have so many diverse interests. 197189257 Director love! HeartShine titleholder poses for a picture with Danna Mack-Barnes, co-director (left). 197189001 BFFs! Many girls finds that they become instant friends with their sister queens! 197189002 Candy Kisses! Best Friends and titleholders get silly! 197189163 Sweetness! It's the crown on your heart that matters most. 197189164 Country 'Bumpkins! Titleholders take an opportunity for a photo-op at a country-themed community service event. (Middle, HeartShine founder Ciara Barnes) 197189165 Birthday wishes! HeartShine titleholders become fast friends and attend events outside of official HeartShine duties to be with their pals! 197189166 Vogue! Titleholder pride! 197189167 Line Dancin'! Learning line dancing with co-director Danna Mack-Barnes! 197189168 It's a Real Princess! HeartShine titleholders ALWAYS have time to stop for a fan! 197189169 Cup Song? Trying to teach each other cup? 197189259 Stunna Shades On! HeartShine titleholders at Paradise, Ca Relay for Life. 197189586 201414439 201414440 201414458 201414568 201414474 201498992