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HeartShine "Inner-Beauty"

Pageants and Leadership

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Photo Gallery

Crowns and Prizes Crowns and Prizes Little Miss Silver Star Crown! 197189263 Silver Star Titleholder! 197189264 VIP Day! Annually, all HeartShine titleholders are invited to attend a special VIP day, where we thank them for their community service. 197189268 Crowning Moment! 197189266 VIP Goodies! On the VIP day, titleholders fill bags with goodies from local businesses while traveling together in a tour bus! 197189261 Twirling! One of the perks of being a titleholder is getting to wear a ballgown nearly anytime you wear your crown and sash! 197189265 VIP group shot! The VIP day occurs annually, and all titleholders - no matter what HeartShine pageant they received their crown and sash from - are invited. 197189262 Goodies! HeartShine titleholders are truly treated like royalty during the VIP day, getting great stuff from places such as: Sephora, Forever 21, nail salons, Krispy Kream, and more! 197189267 Crowns, Sashes, and Flowers 197189269 Miss California 2013 197189271 201414310 201414311 201414312 201414313 201414954